Oregon Custom Handcrafted Wine Tasting Tour

Maximum of 4 vineyards per day. Anything beyond 4 vineyards would require a second day of touring.


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Custom Handcrafted Wine Tasting Tour of Oregon Wineries

If you don’t have enough time to spend the day with us in Oregon Wine Country we would be happy to set up appointments at regional wineries and vineyards you will be sure to enjoy. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will get things set up.

Simply share your wine tasting interests and preferences via our easy online form provided with the purchase of your Custom Handcrafted Wine Tasting Tour of Oregon Wineries.

You can select from Oregon wineries north or south…the Salem area, or Roseburg. If you have enough time you could do both over two days.

We will suggest up to 4 Oregon wineries per day. If you are interested in a two day custom wine tour we will provide up to 8 Oregon wineries for two days.

Depending on how many wineries you would like us to prepare, $50 for one day and up to $100 for 2 days, we will line up your day at terroir driven wineries for a memorable day of tasting delicious Oregon wines.

How many wineries would you like to vist?

2-4 (Day 1), 5-6 (Day 2), 7-8 (Day 2)


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