Editing Pages, Posts, and Products

All of your administrative resources are accessed by clicking dashboard under Vine2Wine in the upper left hand corner after logging in.
  • Pages are all of the primary pages on your website.
  • Posts are strictly Blog entries.
  • Products are separate items with predefined data entry fields that are fairly self explanatory.

Editing Content

Editing content is simply a matter of finding that page, post, or product and selecting ‘Edit’.
  • This can be done by accessing Dashboard/Pages, Dashboard/Posts, or Dashboard/Products.
    • Once there, you can search for pages and posts by clicking ‘Search’ in the upper right hand corner
    • You can enter edit mode one of three ways.
      1. Hover over title and select Quick Edit
        • This only allows editing of meta info like page title, page path (url), featured image, categories, etc.
      2. Hover over title and select Edit
        • Allows you to edit page content
      3. Click the title directly to visit the page/post/product for a visual presentation and then select edit in the top bar
    • When editing page content you have four more options:
      1. WPBakey Page Builder (this is typically the default editing interface).
        • Items are laid out in descending blocks of content. These blocks can be rearranged via drag and drop and column selectors. There are various types of content:
          • titles
          • text
          • images
          • cosmetic features
            • spacing
            • separators
            • etc
        • Here is a helpful video on using the WP Bakery Builder:
      2. Frontend Editor
        • This works much the same way as WPBakey Builder while offering a graphic representation of the actual page. This interface is a bit visually challenging compared to WP Bakey Builder, but it can be helpful for viewing your layouts, eyc.
      3. Gutenburg Editor: not ideal; select one of the options above.
      4. Classic Mode
        • I don’t recommend this mode. Its designed for developers that understand coding.

Tips and Pointers

  • Recommendations, tips, and reminders, for editing.
    • For quick edits like fixing typos or replacing images simply follow the steps above.
    • Duplicate the page/post/product for more intensive edits.
      • Hover over the title and select Duplicate to create a draft that you can then edit.
        • After making your edits select ‘View Page’, ‘View Post’, or ‘View Product’ from the top bar to assure your changes are correct.
      • Visit the original page/post/product and select ‘Edit’.
        • Scroll to the title of the page and click edit next to the Permalink below.
          • Rename the permalink by adding a -2, -3 or whatever is approproate. This will remove the page from all nav items and links that point to it.
          • Then visit ‘Quick Edit’ through the listings and under ‘Status’ in the lower right, select ‘Draft’, and then press ‘Update’.
      • Visit the duplicate page and follow the same steps above to change the permalink to reflect the original page. Then press Publish on the upper right hand corner to make the page accessible to the public via all the necessary links.
        • You don’t need to do anything through ‘Quick Edit’ here, unless you failed to ‘Publish’ the page, which you can do via the ‘Status’ section.

Editing Blog Posts

The simplest way to make a blog post is to duplicate a post you’ve already published. This will assure you maintain all the correct formatting.

  1. Duplicate a Blog Post
  2. Edit duplicate draft:
    • Change the title
    • Edit permalink to be similar to title
    • Delete old text
    • Add new text
    • Add or replace featured image if necessary
    • Publish new post
  3. Revisit new post under pages console.
    • Click ‘Quick Edit’
    • Change ‘Date’ to current or target date
    • Press ‘Update’
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